Help Me Share the Story: April 11

Do you remember the crazy goal I had of writing a song for every book of the Bible by the time I turned 30 on 11/11/11?  And do you remember the house show tour and how I used those songs to tell the story of scripture, from beginning to end, in homes all across Texas?

Well, I have some exciting news!  We have decided to try to take these songs and this Story one step further.  On April 11 (about 2 weeks away!), we will launch a Kickstarter campaign that, if successful, will allow me to make a brand new album that shares the story of scripture.

Please watch the video above to learn all about this exciting yet super scary next step.  And make sure to stay tuned for a preview of some of the rewards I’ll be offering to backers and to mark your calendars for April 11, the big launch day, and for May 11, the deadline.

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